Needle Felting Tool

Hi Paul and Cristine


I’m writing to congratulate you both on the design and manufacturing of your wonderful Snowy Creek needle felting handle. Since buying two handles from you I have achieved some pleasing results and really enjoyed the ease of manipulating the fibers with help of your handle.

I use one handle with 2 to 5 medium gauge needles for flat felting and the other handle with 1 fine gauge needle for detail work. I intend to purchase another two handles to make up a working set of 1 * 1, 1 * 2, 1 *4 and one for a heavy gauge needle set for sculpting and needle felting into heavy fabrics like Denim jeans.

I’ll enclose a few photos for you to see some of what we have dome using your handles.

I’m far from being an expert on needle felting however I’m happily promoting the Snowy Creek handles to other people with confidence because they are just so good to use, the handles promote themselves.

Thanking you

Clare Parslow
Garments & Gadgets


Hello Cristine and Paul.


I have been meaning to write to you for some time now to tell you how thrilled I am with your needle felting tools. From a user’s point of view they are really comfortable to use and as you know I spend most of the day in my shop “Hey Cool” in Bright needle felting 3D wall hangings and embellishing hats etc. This always creates interest from customers who ask what I am doing and after an explanation often results in the sale of a tool with needles and some fibre to get them started. From a retailers point of view they are not expensive and are very easy to sell. They also make great gifts to give to felting friends.

Thank you – your needle holders are wonderful, simple to use and they sell very well, what more could you want.
Yvonne Huggins


I have used the felting tools developed by Snowy Creek Engineering for some years now and have really appreciated the light weight, comfortable design.

The tools are suited to needle felt a vast array of fibres and perfect for combining wet and dry felting techniques.

I love that I have a choice between a multi need tool which I use for felting larger areas and blending, or the single felting tool which gives me greater control over fine detail…an absolute must when creating my felted art!

Have a look at what else I can create with these fabulous tools

Lizzy Danger

Heathers recent pieces

Hi Paul and Cristine,  I just had to email to thank you for the best felting tool I have ever bought! I met you at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and am loving working with this so much. It is precise light , comfortable and very easy to use. Thanks again will be ordering more as one is good, but more will be better.

Please enjoy a picture of some recent pieces made with your wonderful single felting tool and needle.

Kindest regards Heather Frizzell

Merrylegs Fibre Art.

Download Felting Machine and Needle Felting Tool Brochure PDF