Multi Needle Felting Tool

Multi needle felting tool Multi needle felting tool

Snowy Creek Needle Felting Tools are unique precision machined light-weight aluminium tools for all your hand felting work.

The Multi Needle Tool holds from 1 to 6 felting needles in any required configuration allowing easy, fast and safe insertion and removal of needles.

Our ergonomic design ensures that the tool fits the user’s hand comfortably, with the entire needle shank held within the tool providing the shortest distance between fingers and felt. Requiring minimal gripping effort, this tool provides you with the highest level of control and precision in your work.

The precision machined needle slots provide secure seating for the needles which are held in place by simple rubber rings, ensuring positive location and providing for quick and easy needle changing.

Our design also ensures that all the needles are held exactly parallel, eliminating divergence of the needles, reducing the effort required and minimising needle breakage. The tools unique roll resistance means it stays where you put it without rolling off the table.

Multi needle felting tool


Needles are 6mm (1/4”) Apart
Circle Diameter of Needles is 12mm (1/2”)
Needle Felting Tool 75 mm (3”) long.
Lightweight only 17.5 grams (0.6 oz.) for Reduced RSI Risk.
Natural / Polished / Anodised (Gold or Red).
Fast, Easy, and silent Felting.
Safe, Simple and quick needle changing.
No screwdrivers required

Needles – Aust $1.50 each or $7.50 for a pack of 6

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